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BBC - The Planets - Thuyết minh

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Hãng SX: BBC
Số tập: 8 x 700MB
Thuyết minh: Anh, Việt [HTV]
Phụ đề: Anh
Chất lượng: DVD-RIP

Ảnh này đã được làm nhỏ lại. Bấm vào đây để xem kích thước thật 640x541.

Ảnh này đã được làm nhỏ lại. Bấm vào đây để xem kích thước thật 640x541.

Các tập của phim:

1 - Different Worlds - Các thế giới khác biệt
While watching The Planets, be prepared to fight your way past all kinds of computer animation which makes Walking with Dinosaurs seem like the last word in realism. It seems that no solar or planetary event which ever happened (or which may or may not have happened) is worthy of mention here without recourse to lovingly detailed shots of implausible-looking collisions and explosions. These come complete with sound effects, despite the fact that there is no sound in the vacuum of space, and are enhanced by a range of colours, some of which are visible only to bees. Somehow Patrick Moore's The Sky at Night manages to convey just as much excitement with little more than a couple of diagrams and the presenter's hyperactive enthusiasm. Fortunately, this two-DVD set is redeemed by both its subject matter and its sheer scope, offering all eight 50-minute episodes of the 1999 documentary series covering the history of the solar system and humanity's age-old desire to learn its secrets. Detailed indexing and scene access makes this a convenient reference source too, so amateur astronomers everywhere can finally bin those off-air VHS copies.

Travel back in time and space to witness the awesome forces that gave birth to the Sun and the far-flung family of planets that orbit it. From the rocky, superheated surface of Mercury, to the storm-wracked atmosphere of gigantic Jupiter and the distant mysteries of Pluto, this is a richly detailed introduction to the creation, composition and alien landscapes of The Planets

2 - Terra Firma - Các hành tinh đất đá

Relive the thrill of first glimpses of otherworldly terrain as you join
the early quest to discover the true nature of our planetary neighbours.
Pierce the toxic clouds of Venus to map ancient lava flows the size of
continents. Visit a Martian volcano taller than Mount Everest and head
even further out into the planetary system in search of clues to the
"living" geological forces at work in the most unlikely cosmic corners.

3 - Giants - Những hành tinh khổng lồ

4 - Moon - Mặt trăng

5 - Star - Ngôi sao

6 - Atmosphere - Khí quyển

7 - Life - Sự sống

8 - Destiny - Vận mệnh của chúng ta

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