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Tình Ngỡ Đã Quên - ĐL 14/14 DVD RIp USLT - non MU

Country: Taiwan
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: CTS / GTV
Broadcast period: 2009-Nov-01 to 2010-Jan-31
Air time: Sunday 22:00 - 23:30
Show Lo as Xue Hai 薛海 / Lin Da Lang 林逹浪
Rainie Yang as Chen Bao Zhu 陳寳茱
Lee Wei as He Yan Feng 何言風
Maggie Wu as Mo Li 莫莉


Xue Hai (Show Luo) is a certifiable dork who comes from a wealthy family and had been protected by his oldest sister, Xue Bo for most of his life. One day, at age 20, he decided to move out of his comfort zone and study abroad in Hangzhou. To protect his identity as the heir of his family's wealth, Xue Bo, gave him an alias "Lin Da Lung," who is supposed to be a poor student.

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