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Ngọc Bích Trong Ánh Bình Minh - TQ 30/30 Tập USLT - Multi link

Ngọc Bích Trong Ánh Bình Minh

Title: Emerald On The Roof
Genre: Romance, Drama
Directed: by Wang Zi Ming
Starring: Wallace Huo, Sun Li, Yvonne Yao
Country of origin: Taiwan
No. of Episodes: 30
Running time: 45 mins (per episode)
Broadcast period: 2006 - 2007

In this modern day retelling of Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET, Chou and Mwo fall in love with each other against their respective families' wishes. After countless struggles, Mwo is forced to leave with another man as Chou gives in to his father's demand to an arranged marriage. Before she leaves, however, Mwo gave Chou a green ruby necklace as a testament of their feelings for each other. Eventually, the necklace will reunite the feuding families once again, as Mwo and Chou vow to be together, even in death. EMERALD ON THE ROOF is an emotional tale about true love against all odds. Source: Yesasia __

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