Thứ Năm, 6 tháng 10, 2011

Thuật Đọc Tâm - TVB 8/20 Eps USLT + 20/20FFVN - fileserve

Thuật Đọc Tâm
Every Move You Make

Story Outline:
The story’s male lead was a detective. His father was a fortune-teller. Since young, the male lead liked to observe people, and had always wanted to learn face-reading skills from his father. However, before his father passed away, he told his son that he actually never believed in fortune-telling or deities. What he had relied on was the China’s ‘art of observing people’. He used the knowledge from “昆馬篇” (a book on deception) to observe the minute details on people, and at the same time, research on the human weaknesses. Later on, the male lead headed to America to study criminal psychology, and combined the Chinese art of observing people together with criminal psychology. He used both of them for investigations, and had cracked many unusual cases. However because the male lead was too sensitive towards finding the truth, and was too adept in being able to see through other people’s inner thoughts, thus in relationships, he met with many obstacles……





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